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Place Consulting offers a range of services for clients across sectors, with the aim to inspire and lead sustainable growth and economic development for regions. The main growth strategy used by Place Consulting is to identify world-class innovations and entrepreneurs, in search of a world-class place for the development. 

Over 40 Years of Experience

Our methodology and way of working is based on more than 40 years of experience, starting with personal insights from the mid 1970s.

At that time, Sweden’s situation was analyzed against the background of the reality hitting Europe, a time of severe crisis, which led to radical change for industrial Europe.  A striking example is that of Luxembourg, which then was still an industrial center of Europe, dominated by the steel industry. Who, today, associates the bank and finance heaven Luxembourg with heavy industry? Transitions, such as Luxembourg’s, are still valid for places and regions all around the world.

Innovations, new industries, clusters and sustainable growth do not happen by chance. They can be analyzed by applying the principles of Place Management, and, more importantly, they can be applied proactively to stimulate growth of a region. One basic prerequisite is that there is management capacity among various place managers.

Our Approach

Place Consulting works with clients across sectors, utilizing an approach known as the “Quad Helix”.

Different from the Triple Helix model, which we believe oversimplifies the complex realities behind successful innovation and growth strategies, the Quad Helix model makes room for entrepreneurs and organizations in civil society which complement the Triple Helix actors of academia, the public sector and the business community.

An important challenge is to find place managers who are experienced enough to act as effective and connecting tools between the four corners in the Quad Helix model. This is what we call context management.

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