We make places thrive.

Place Consulting is an advisory firm consisting of a dedicated team of trusted senior-level advisers focused on making Places — our towns, cities, and regions — thrive by developing local and regional business opportunities that make places work.

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Trusted & Experienced

Place Consulting advisers bring decades of valuable and diverse experiences in the public and private sectors, coupled with deep personal convictions, long-standing relationships, and expertise to support our clients in their strategic efforts. We work on all levels of the development chain to successfully innovate and develop long term place strategies. Meet Our Team

Collaborative & Results Oriented

We work with stakeholders across the value chain, weaving together the strengths, values, and unique conditions of the client. We focus on implementation of new cutting-edge technologies, entrepreneurial solutions and policies and practices that lead to securing outside investment and interest – developing successful places that thrive. Client Services

Commitment to Sustainability

The challenges faced by business and regions related to sustainability issues are diverse. By taking a long-term and systematic approach to sustainability, we can identify the elements that can create challenges and find opportunities to develop solutions that can help places thrive, no matter the challenges that may lay ahead.

Our Collaborative Approach

Place_Quad_HelixPlace Consulting works with clients across sectors, utilizing an approach known as the “Quad Helix”. The Quad Helix model makes room for entrepreneurs and organizations in civil society, along with actors from academia, the public sector and the business community.

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